Antenna & LNB

4K AVS Tuner [DSPT]

KDNSAT SELECT 高品質80cm衛星放送受信アンテナ&LNB

KDNSAT SELECT 高品質 80cmワイド・マルチ衛星放送受信対応アンテナ
Wall Mount (壁掛け金具セット付)Kit メッシュ(強風対策) アンテナ.



★EU仕様高品質衛星放送受信アンテナ Superbird B2 16APSK受信可。
■ 65cmオフセット・アンテナ KU Band High Gain 36dBi from UK
価格 ¥19,400円
■ 80cmオフセット・アンテナ KU Band High Gain 38dBi from UK
価格 ¥24,000円
■ 80cmマルチサテライト・アンテナ KU Band High Gain Mesh from UK 5.8kg
価格 ¥25,000円

(4出力LNBF + LNBフォルダー・マウント別売 ¥4,500)

■ 90cm-100cmオフセット・アンテナ KU Band High Gain
価格 ¥29,800円
■ 120cmオフセット・アンテナ KU Band High Gain 42.5dBi from France
価格 ¥36,600円


This high-end LNB was specially selected from our production line and sets new standards of qualityand reliability. 40mm LNB.
This LNB enables the reception of signals from one satellite and its distribution to a Set
Top Box with Single Tuner. It is ready for High Definition transmissions and provides excellent NoiseFigure performance.
Designed to meet strict specifications and manufactured to the highest industry

quality standards , this LNB is an ideal solution for the satellite broadcast reception across Europe. Designed by Inverto in Luxembourg.

 Very Low Noise Figure
  • Low Phase Noise, DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High  Cross Polarization Isolation
  • 9.5 x 9.5 x 5.2 cm ; 118 g

■ 最新INVERTO-Premium-Single-Output-Satellite-LNB-BLACK

価格 ¥5,200円


■ Technomate TM-1 HD Universal Signal LNB

Product Description
Our new generation flagship range of Full HD & 3D 0.1dB Gold series of LNBs provide excellent Noise Figure performance, designed to meet strict high-quality specifications to give you optimum signal.
The lower the dB, the more sensitive the LNB and therefore the more signal you can receive. Furthermore, the 24k gold plated output ensures optimum noise-free signal and extra protection against environmental factors.
The range has been highly recommended by Tele Satellite Magazine saying that the 0.1dB range is ‘surprisingly good’ and that it ‘defeated our reference device in almost every point of the Ku-Band!’.
‘The higher the gain of the LNB the higher its output power should be for the given signal. Our reference LNB was no match for it…it is really a top performer…having so perfect results’.
‘The noise performance of both models was better than our reference’ LNB, therefore this ensures that the signal is noise-free with no distortion.
‘They provide very good C/N ratio what enables the user to receive weak transponders with high bad weather margin’.
The Gold Series ‘additionally give high level of output signal what is important in those antenna installations in which long cables or signal distribution devices are used’.
Furthermore, Tele Satellite Magazine concluded that the Gold Series of LNBs are ‘an absolute top performer and probably the best LNB we ever tested’.

■ Technomate Tm-1 Super High Gain Gold 0.1db Single LNB HD Ready

EUモデルのロングセラー 低雑音指数と高増幅率で安定受信

価格 ¥5,200円


■ High Gain Low Noise 4K Ready Universal LNB NF 0.1・70dB
価格 ¥5,300円


KU ■現在使用中のLNBをこちらに変更するだけで1ランクアップ! 高感度高性能で映像が浮かび上がります。
Low Noise NF 0.1dB Universal SR-320 ACE

■ Low Noise HD Ready Universal LNB NF 0.1 9.750 GHz/10.600 Ghz



KU Low Noise 0.1dB Universal HD3D 101


◆「 BEST 」Single Lnb’ s Best Germany HD3D 101 Full HDTV 0,1dB

Stück Single LNB’ s Best Germany HQDL 101
Input: 10,7 – 11,7 GHz / 11,7 – 12,75 GHz
L.O.: 9,75 GHz / 10,6GHz
Output: 950 – 1950MHz / 1100 – 2150 MHz
Rauschmaß: 0,1dB
Temperaturbereich: -40° ~ 60°
Verstärkung: 57dB
Feeddurchmesser: 40 mm
Tauglichkeit: digital,HDTV

価格 ¥8,800円

———————————————————————————————–(LNB C-Band)


■ C1W-PLL Wideband LNBF
C1W-PLL Wideband LNBF Specifications
Number of Outputs 1
RF Input 3.4 – 4.2GHz (typical)
IF Output 950 – 1750MHz
L.O. Frequency 5150MHz
Noise Figure 15°K (typical) (typical)
Gain 65dB (typical)
Stability 50KHz (typical)
Cross Pol Iso 20dB (typical)
Image Rejection 45dB (typical)
Phase Noise -85dBc@10KHz (min)
Polarity Switch V: 11.5 – 14vdc
H: 16 – 20vdc
Input VSWR 2.1:1 (max)
Output VSWR 2.0:1 (max)
Operation Temp -22 to 140°F
Storage Temp -40 to 160°F
★超周波数安定回路内蔵(Phase Locked Loop)のためFEC 5/6でも安定受信
価格 ¥12,300円



◆ 関東及び近県へのアンテナ設置のご相談をお受けいたします。お問合せよりご連絡ください。

◆現在Superbird B2にて使用中の75cmオフセット・アンテナを先着1名様に送料込み¥24,000円でお譲り致します。

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